This page is dedicated to answering the question, what drugs are legal in Indiana? For an answer, simply browse below. Click on the name of the drug below to be taken to a page with information on effects, dosage, and where to buy.

Amanita Muscaria: Amanita Muscaria is perfectly legal to buy in the United States, however it is illegal to consume. It is available for purchase online.

Ayahuasca: In the United States, any prepared brew of ayahuasca is illegal. However, all the individual ingredients used to make the ayahuasca brew are perfectly legal and available online.

DXM: Dextromethorphan is legal in the United States, and is available online and from pharmacies as well as many chain stores.

Kava Kava: The FDA has approved kava as a dietary supplement with recommended safe dosage amounts of about 250 milligrams. However, in other respects kava is still relatively unregulated in the United States, as the FDA has only approved it for use as a dietary supplement rather than a medicine or food additive. It is commonly found online and in stores.

Kratom: Kratom is not regulated by the federal government, and is legal in almost every state. In fact, the only state that bans it is Indiana! In Louisiana you have to be 18 or older, but besides that Kratom is thankfully legal in almost every state and is available online.

Morning Glory: 100% legal, and found in many nurseries and online.

Nitrous: Although illegal for consumption, it is legal for culinary purposes and its found in some head shops and online.

San Pedro: Although the active chemical in San Pedro, mescaline, is illegal the cactus itself is not. It can be found in nurseries all over Indiana or online.

Cannabis laws from

Offense Penalty Incarceration   Max. Fine


30 g or less misdemeanor 1 year $ 5,000
More than 30 g felony 6 mos – 3 years $ 10,000
Conditional discharge may be available for first-time offenders.

Sale or Cultivation

30 g or less misdemeanor 1 year $ 5,000
30 g – 10 lbs felony 6 mos – 3 years $ 10,000
More than 10 lbs felony 2 – 8 years $ 10,000
Within 1000 feet of a school or other specified areas felony 2 – 8 years $ 10,000
To a minor felony 6 mos – 3 years $ 10,000

Hash & Concentrates

Possession felony 1 year $ 5,000
Manufacture felony 1 year $ 5,000


Possession of paraphernalia infraction N/A $ 10,000
Subsequent conviction felony 6 mos – 3 years $ 10,000

Miscellaneous (license suspensions, civil damages, etc…)

Presence where knowledge of drug activity occurs misdemeanor 6 mos $ 1,000
Possession, sale, or distribution conviction will result in a driver’s license suspension.

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